6 Families File Wrongful Death Suits Against Hillary Clinton

The families of six people on the Clinton murder list, which now stands at 72, say there is enough evidence to at least ask a jury for a monetary settlement in the death of their loved one and are waiting for a judge to rule on an immediate motion to dismiss filed by Clinton’s lawyer. Judge Anton DuBois of the 17th Circuit Federal Court will hear arguments on the case and rule on the motion in a closed session today so court can proceed as normal first thing Monday morning.

The families include the two investigators sent to Arkansas who were murdered on their way to tear apart the residence of the Clinton Library, the aide murdered the night before he was to testify to Congress, two low-level security guards working the night Vince Foster died and a serviceman from Seal Team Six who died in an extremely suspicious Chinook accident that Hillary’s state Department never explained.

The six families are looking for relief from the restrictions of classifications under the Freedom of Information Act and $700 million in damages. The Clintons, who refuse to even bother responding to requests from the reputable press for a statement use their spokesman, Christopher Blair, who said:

“Of course they’re ignoring it, you dumbasses, they didn’t do it. The Clintons haven’t killed anyone. You assholes have been trying to pin this crap on them for decades. Do you seriouslky think it’s gonna work now?

Hey, while you’re at it…go prove that Obama did 9/11.”

Attorneys for the Clintons apologized for his smugness but say it is largely deserved, as this lawsuit is as frivolous as they come. Laurence Fitzgerald Baldinger Esq, lead counsel for the Clintons says his clients have no reason to be concerned:

“It’s always difficult for a family to lose a loved one but this goes to far. This takes mere conspiracy theory without any evidence whatsoever and puts it on trial with only those who are themselves ill-informed being qualified to be on the jury.

It’s difficult to understand from the 600-page description exactly when, where or how they plan to propose Hillary Clinton or her husband or anyone they know or have influence over killed anyone.

We feel terrible for the families. Even the ones that don’t really exist.”

It should be interesting. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


Source: thelastlineofdefense.org

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