WATCH: Ann Coulter DESTROYS Anti-Trump Reporter

Jorge Ramos is one of the most anti-Donald Trump reporters around. That’s why it’s so satisfying to watch Ann Coulter completely school him in this newly-surfaced clip…

While appearing on Ramos’ show two years ago, Coulter argued that Americans should “fear immigrants” from Mexico “more than ISIS” and she did not stop there:

“If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you,” Coulter said, according to AOL.

“I’m suffering from the worst flu I’ve ever had,” Coulter said as she laughed.

Liberals have accused Coulter of “racism” in the wake of this interview surfacing, but SHARE this story if this clip makes you love her even more!


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