Ann Coulter Reveals Why Saudis Like Trump More Than “Beta Male” Obama, Obama’s Furious

Former President Barack Hussein Obama spent the eight years of his Presidency apologizing to foreign leaders and dramatically weakening America’s standing on the global stage, which allowed China to pass us by.

Thankfully, current President Donald Trump cuts a much different figure than Barack Obama, and so far has sent a far better message than Obama to foreign powers who want to mock the United States. This was made clear with the incredibly respect-filled reception he recently received at the hands of the Saudi royal family on his foreign tour.

Ann Coulter appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program on Fox News and revealed the real reason why the Saudis respect Trump so much, despite fears by liberals that they might somehow be offended by his tough talk about Islam and terrorism.

Said Coulter to Pirro, about why the Saudis gave President Trump a much warmer reception than the one they gave to spineless Obama, “I like the fact because [Trump] is a strong alpha male leader, that the Arabs respect him.”

 She added, “They don’t respect the beta male Obama. And you see that. He’s getting a warmer reception. In fact, they probably like that radical Islam stuff. I don’t think they mind. MSNBC was going crazy, ‘They will be so upset with the Muslim ban.’ No, Saudi Arabia bans Christians, what do they care? They understand the idea of sovereign nations.” Do you agree with Ann? Watch below:


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