Barack And Michelle’s Fantasy Vacation Ends Abruptly After They Get BAD NEWS

Barack and Michelle Obama travelled to Europe last week to try and steal some attention from Donald Trump after learning he was taking his first foreign trip as president there. Unfortunately for the Obamas, however, their plans backfired in a big way.

Karma just came back to bite them hard!

The Judicial Watch group have announced plans to sue the U.S. Division of Homeland Security, after they repeatedly refused FOIA requests made on March 24, 2017, where the watch dog group legally requested all Secret Service records relating to Obama’s post-administration vacations he continues to take on taxpayer expense.

Judicial Watch announced that it obtained records from the Secret Service and the Air Force in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that show Obama family travel cost taxpayers a grand total of $99,714,527.82.

You think because he’s is out of the White House, they’re done globe-trotting the world pissing on America? Wrong again commie-breath. How about a lavish vacation in Italy, where their private jet (escorted by six fighter jets, a 13-car motorcade) and a $15,000 a night villa?

But Obama and his American-hating former First Lady may have had their entire opulent vacation completely ruined by this piece of news: You won’t be seeing this on MSNBC, by the way, so keep reading..

Throughout his two terms in office, Obama and Michelle lived high on the hog thanks to the American tax payers, as they jet set around on our dime with their luxurious excursions whenever their black little hearts had half an inkling. Obama exploited his presidential position by utilizing Air Force one as his personal taxi service to fly all over the world, while racking up a colossal amount of money to the tune of almost 100 MILLION DOLLARS that the American tax payers had to foot the bill for.  But now that Obama and his snotty wife are out of office, their narcissism and contempt for the American people are now coming back to bite them in the ass in a massive way.

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