Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Just Proved How James Comey’s Testimony Vindicated Trump

Bill O’Reilly may no longer by the main anchor at Fox News, but that does not mean that he hasn’t been in the thick of things when it comes to telling the truth about the left’s continued attacks on Republican President Donald Trump.

O’Reilly just gave his first major interview since leaving Fox News, and he used it to tell Newsmax TV’s John Bachman about how former FBI director James Comey’s recent testimony to the Senate actually vindicated President Trump.

Said Bill about Comey, “I think he told the truth, that a lot of these stories [about Trump obstructing justice] were false. The New York Times, The Washington Post – they were lies. But he as the FBI director couldn’t go out and refute them. His opinion is his opinion, and so he says ‘well, we were really mad that the FBI was disparaged by Donald Trump and it was a lie.’ Well, it’s his opinion, and Comey’s entitled to it. But I think he testified honestly about the timeline and what happened.”

Bill named three takeaways from the testimony, detailing, “Number one, Trump told the truth when he said Comey told him three times he was not under investigation. That’s confirmed. Number two, the investigation by the FBI has not led to anything at this point and time that would rise to a criminal prosecution. Number three, Russia did meddle [and] did try to create chaos in the American election.”

Added O’Reilly, “After Comey’s testimony, there really aren’t any grounds to continue with the hysteria against President Trump.” However, he did note areas where Trump needs to improve. Said O’Reilly, “He made some mistakes, the president did. Number one, he met with Comey alone. A president can’t do that. He can’t be alone with anybody. Number two, he did say, and I believe he said it, ‘Can you lighten up on Gen. Flynn?’ after Gen. Flynn was fired. Can’t do it.” Do you agree with Bill?



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