BREAKING: Cause of London Tower Fire Just Exposed – Media HIDING It

We have learned more details about the fire in the London Tower this morning. The mainstream media is still sitting here silent — it’s a shame!

It has come to light that the cause of 17 plus people dying in the high-rise fire might have EVERYTHING to do with environmentalists. “Green” regulations required an installation of a new type of cladding insulation; the government has been warning people not to use this stuff since 1999 because it is HIGHLY flammable. According to The Telegraph, Dr. Jim Glockling of the Fire Protection Association said, “It could be that this is the quest for sustainability trumping other concerns.”

The new cladding created what is now being called a “chimney effect,” resulting in a fire that spreads so quick that there was virtually no way to stop it. Glockling was getting at a valid point. The Left has become SO obsessed with “going green” that they are putting tens of thousands of people at risk on a daily basis by using materials that are MORE LIKELY to result in a devastating fire.

It is repulsive to think that people believe the future of the air 500 years from now can be more important than the fact people may die because of THEIR regulations. Tragically, at least three children lost their lives due to this carelessness.

Mickey Parmasivan recounted his story, “About 12 floors up I saw three children waving from a window and then there was just an explosion, and they disappeared.” The Left are a group of DEEPLY disturbed individuals for being ok with this event; an event they claim happened in a pursuit of “for the greater good.”

The icing on this screwed up cake, of course, is the mainstream media’s silence on the issue. The media is not going to speak against this for two major reasons.

First, the Left would have to admit that “going green” resulted in the deaths of nearly 20 people, and put an unmeasurable number of others at risk for future fires. They would NEVER want to admit that maybe “going green” isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

The second reason is that they would have to admit that President Trump was right to be concerned about the Paris Climate Accord. If they are setting up standards like this, then they really ARE a threat.

Liberals are unwilling to admit that Trump is correct, even if they have to ignore the death of children. We feel terrible for the people involved in this story, and our prayers are with them always.

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