Breaking: Judge Jeanine Knows Who The White House Leaker Is [Video]

It is one think for members of the opposition party to criticize a president’s policies, which is part of the natural give and take found in a functioning democracy. It is another thing, however, for the opponents of a president to try to sabotage him by leaking information from within the White House.

It is disturbing and dangerous that leakers have been undermining President Donald Trump. In a surprise announcement, Fox News host and legal analyst Judge Jeanine Pirro just announced that she knows who the leakers are.

In the “Opening Statement” of her recent broadcast, Pirro stated about the leaks that she has her “own ideas who that person is,” but she is, however, “not ready to share them.” She said, though, that in the near future she may release the identity of this person, who is “an enemy of the United States.”

Explained Jeanine, “We are in big trouble. What is it? The leaks. Yes, leaks. There is a leaker in the White House, there is traitor inside the people’s house. A traitor who must be taken out.”

She added, “That person is an enemy of the United States. That person doing enormous damage, no just to the president—who is certainly capable of taking care of himself—but instead to our nation.” Do you think Pirro should release the leaker’s name? Watch below:

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