Breaking: Trump Is “Furious” At One Fox News Host For What She Did, Does She Deserve It?

President Donald Trump has faced a nonstop assault from the political establishment and the mainstream media for being a political outsider, and it has escalated recently into an all-out “witch hunt” for his imaginary collusion with Russia to rig the election.

It is understandable that President Trump would be on guard about media figures trying to get the better of him and his administration by trying to manipulate news stories. According to reports, he is currently furious at one Fox News star for what she did.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has played an invaluable role on Fox News’ The Five, which has caught the attention of many wondering what her next career move would be. Kimberly herself stated to media outlets that she was in contact with the White House and was seriously considered to be tapped by Trump as his next White House press secretary, replacing the struggling Sean Spicer.

Said Guilfoyle to the Bay Area News Group, “Sean Spicer is a very nice man and a patriot; he’s dedicated himself to this public service. I wish him the best, and I know he puts a lot of effort into it.” She added, referencing her possible future job as press secretary, “I’m a patriot, and it would be an honor to serve the country. I think it’d be a fascinating job. It’s a challenging job, and you need someone really determined and focused, a great communicator in there with deep knowledge to be able to handle that position.”

However, Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner stated that, according to one inside source, Trump is deeply upset at Kimberly’s comments. Wrote Bedard, “Trump gets angry every time he sees those stories. He believes that she is using him to better her own situation. He’s furious.” Do you think Trump is right to be furious at Kimberly?


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