Breaking: Sheriff Clarke Just Got The Greatest Opportunity Of His Life, Should He Take It?

Few people in America have experienced as swift a rise on the national political stage as Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, who benefited greatly from being one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most vocal backers during his outsider campaign in 2016.

Clarke has played an invaluable role in shutting down the Black Lives Matter movement that has risen from the extreme fringe of liberals, and now it looks like his experience and skills are about to be used on an even more important task.

According to reports, President Donald Trump is about to tap Clarke for a leading position within the Department of Homeland Security. Clark’s new title would be Assistant Secretary at Homeland Security’s Office of Partnership and Engagement, where he would be in charge of how federal homeland security works with state, local and tribal law enforcement.

A senior official in Trump’s White House stated that “it’s not a done deal yet.” However, it is highly likely, since Trump does not need to get his pick confirmed by the Senate as he did with cabinet-level appointees.

Clarke recently drew a line in the sand against liberals when he said during a speech in front of the National Rifle Association, “You see, our fight for freedom continues in earnest. You see, these rat bastards on the left never give up. Election defeats don’t matter to them.” He added that gun-hating liberal will keep carrying out “their assault on our Constitution, the rule of law, liberty and American exceptionalism.” Do you think Clarke should accept this important position?


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