Buckingham Palace Makes Sad Announcement About The Queen

Queen Elizabeth got some bad news this week when a new television documentary revealed shocking details about her reaction to Princess Diana’s death in August 1997.

AOL reported that the documentary “Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors” claimed that when the Queen heard about Diana’s fatal car crash in Paris, she immediately said that someone must have “greased the breaks” on the car. This highlighted the Queen’s complicated relationship with Diana, as a source said she saw the princess as a “misfit who didn’t quite contribute to the things they did and what they wanted her to do in the family.”

The fact that the documentary is dragging all of this up is particularly sad for Queen Elizabeth, as she’s had quite a change of heart with how she feels about the mother of her grandson.

“She would never say now that Diana hasn’t contributed to the family, the source said. “She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people.”

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Source: themrcblog.com

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