Obama Just Launched A Crazy, Last-Ditch Plan To Stop Trump, It Backfired On Him

It is customary for outgoing U.S. Presidents to depart from Washington, D.C. following the completion of their tenure in the White House, to not interfere with our country’s democratic process and give the current President as much space as they need to try and carry out their own agenda. Unfortunately, former President Barack Hussein Obama has flagrantly violated this norm,

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Nancy Pelosi Goes On ‘The View’ To Call For Trump Impeachment – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on The View on Monday, and things quickly got awkward when Joy Behar asked her about the possibility of impeaching Donald Trump. The Daily Caller reported that Pelosi appeared to get uncomfortable as soon as Behar brought up the fact that James Comey is testifying this week in relation to the FBI’s investigation into alleged ties between the

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Pelosi Just Used The Bible To Try To “Shame” Trump, Too Bad She Made A Big Mistake

f all the opportunists and liars among Democrats on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just might be the single most shameless. Much of the discussion surrounding Rep. Pelosi recently has been about her apparently declining psychological state and bizarre statements she has made that could indicate the onset of senility. However, she recently said something to President Donald

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