Pelosi Just Used The Bible To Try To “Shame” Trump, Too Bad She Made A Big Mistake

f all the opportunists and liars among Democrats on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just might be the single most shameless. Much of the discussion surrounding Rep. Pelosi recently has been about her apparently declining psychological state and bizarre statements she has made that could indicate the onset of senility. However, she recently said something to President Donald

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Rush Limbaugh Reveals Who President Trump’s True Enemy Is, It’s Not Liberals Or The Media

The mainstream media and Democrats have been doing everything they can to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. However, according to Rush Limbaugh, these people are not President Trump’s true enemy. The true enemy is backstabbing Republicans. “Now, stop and think here, folks. Back when the only element that we had was the House of Representatives and Republican voters were

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Eric Trump Breaks His Silence, Drops TRUTH BOMB About President Trump – JAWS ARE DROPPING

For nearly two weeks, President Donald Trump has been traveling abroad, meeting with officials and heads of state throughout Europe and the Middle East. And while multiple media outlets have found a whole host of reasons to criticize the president’s — and first lady’s — actions overseas, the president himself has called the trip a success. President Trump said on Twitter: Just returned from

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