Intolerant Starbucks CEO Has a Message for Conservatives: “If You Support Traditional Marriage, DON’T Buy Our Coffee”

It seems that the controversy-plagued Starbucks CEO has had enough of conservative customers. Well, we have had enough of him and his overpriced coffee! Starbucks isn’t just supporting homosexual marriage…they are fighting AGAINST traditional marriage. This is a battle cry. A final assault of Liberalism before Conservatives make homosexual marriage illegal. This is like a Muslim call to prayer. Will

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A United States Senator Just Accused Barack Obama Of Murder

Senator Sheldon Richards, Republican Junior Senator from Alabama, has outright accused Barack Obama of having a cameraman murdered. In a statement delivered to the Associated Press, Richards said: “Mike Corning was a fantastic cameraman and because he caught the right image at the right time, he was silenced. This wasn’t just some random conspiracy, either…this was the real deal confirmation.” What

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Investigative Reporter Murdered Just Hours After Most Important Meeting Of Her Life

Pamela Kelsey, a freelance investigative reporter who has broken stories about Benghazi, Wikileaks, Hillary’s email server and Fraud connected to Obamacare, had just taken an assignment to connect the dots from the fleet of cargo ships owned by the Clinton Foundation to anyone she possibly could in the federal government. Basically, her job was to set the record straight.  That

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