Investigative Reporter Murdered Just Hours After Most Important Meeting Of Her Life

Pamela Kelsey, a freelance investigative reporter who has broken stories about Benghazi, Wikileaks, Hillary’s email server and Fraud connected to Obamacare, had just taken an assignment to connect the dots from the fleet of cargo ships owned by the Clinton Foundation to anyone she possibly could in the federal government. Basically, her job was to set the record straight.  That

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After GOP Shooting, CNN Head Accuses President Trump Of Threatening The Lives Of Reporters

For years, CNN and the liberal media have been lying about Conservatives. They have been calling them racist, sexist, homophobic, and every other deplorable word. They have even downplayed or celebrated violence against Conservatives. The Virginia GOP shooter is a good example of what their hateful rhetoric leads to. But despite all of that CNN Chief Jeff Zucker attacked President

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BEN IS BACK! Ben Carson Just Leaked Everything About Trump And The Mueller Investigation

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson says a special counsel Robert Mueller should be given a “chance” to conduct a fair investigation into possible ties between Trump and Russia. “I would give him the chance to see if he could do that because if there’s nothing there – he’s not gonna find anything anyway,” Carson told Fox News

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