Media Claims Comey’s Leaked Memos Were Not Classified, Former US Attorney Proves Them Wrong

In a Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham, Former US Attorney General put to rest the mainstream media’s claim that Comey DIDN’T leak classified material. Ingraham’s first guest, Steven Mulroy argued that Comey did nothing wrong. “The Wall Street Journal has reported that there are only two memos that Comey gave to his friend that had any classified information. In

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Michelle Compares The American People To Children, Says We Need Someone Like Obama To Feed Them Carrots

Michelle Obama gave an extremely condescending speech at the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston. In the speech she compared the American people to children who need to follow rules. According to her, Obama is the good parent who would feed their child carrots and make them go to bed. And Trump is the fun parent that lets their kids break

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MSNBC News Spreads Disgusting Lie About The Hero Who Took Down The Texas Church Shooter

MSNBC spread disgusting lies about the hero who stopped the Texas killer. “When I was watching President Trump today, and he was making his argument that [the shooter] was essentially stopped by someone with a gun, I kept thinking, ‘but he killed himself,’” said guest New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor. “The shooter was not stopped, there was not a

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