President Trump Reveals Exactly Why He Tweeted About Tapes On Comey, It’s Genius

Before James Comey testified in court, President Trump wrote the following tweet. “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” he wrote. For a long time people have been wondering if the President really recorded Comey. President Trump recently revealed that he did not. “With all of the recently

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Tom Cotton Just SILENCED The Entire Senate With What He Just Leaked On Hillary Clinton

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Hillary Clinton on Wednesday when questioning the Select Committee on Intelligence. Start watching the video at 1:00 minute in to watch the slaughter. Senator Cotton: “In response to whether or not Donald Trump had become an agent of Russia and their efforts to sow discord and discontent about our elections, you said that you declined to answer…” “Let’s

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Here Are 10 TIMES Democrats Called For VIOLENCE Against Trump and Republicans Since Election Day

There can be very little doubt that the shooting attack against GOP members at a baseball practice was spurred by constant incitement to violence by top Democrats. You can’t spend months demonizing a group of people and not expect someone along the way to resort to violence against the demonized. But Democrats have gone further than just demonizing. On a

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