Fox News Makes Brutal Move Against Andrea Tantaros, Did They Go Too Far?

Fox News struck back against Andrea Tantaros for her lawsuits against them. Tantaros has claimed sexual harassment against Roger Ailes. She has also claimed that the network digital harassed and surveilled her.

Tantaros claimed that her telephone calls were being monitored by Fox. Her proof is statement made by a Twitter account with the name “Daniel Wayne Block,” which she claimed was a Fox secret account. Fox News put out a statement against Tantaros’ claims.

“That fact could have been determined in minutes by looking at an on-line directory. Moreover, a review of other contemporaneous tweets in Mr. Block’s Twitter account— something that could have been done in a few hours—would have shown that the bunny, lion, elk and other images that Tantaros believed to be targeted at her were images and themes that Mr. Block tweeted repeatedly, including before Tantaros purportedly had the telephone conversations that she fears were monitored,” wrote Fox.

According to Broadcasting and Cable, Fox News’ goal is for the court to 1) make Burstein and Tantaros pay the court costs of litigation fees and expenses; 2) dismiss the complaint with prejudice (meaning it can’t be repaired and re-filed); 3) require Tantaros to bring any future claims related to her employment to arbitration; and 4) refer the attorney’s conduct to “disciplinary authorities.”

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