Head Of Muslim Group Reveals Who Is Helping ISIS Gain Power: Liberals Won’t Want To Hear It

Zuhdi Jasser, the head of the Muslim group American Islamic Forum for Democracy revealed who is really helping ISIS the most. American liberals. He attacked them for constantly defending Islamic extremism.

“When people say ‘why do these radical attacks keep happening?’ it’s because the free world refuses to treat Muslims like adults. They want to coddle the Muslim community, use them for partisan purposes and identity politics, and ignore all of the signs and precursors of radicalization – which are, by the way, the signs are hallmarks of the principles of our free society,” said Jasser.

“Equality of men and women, respect for free speech, a denial of conspiracy theories, ownership of who we are – all of these principles, which are basic principles of human rights, in order to coddle Muslims they allow the Islamic supremacists, the sharia supremacists to speak for our community,” said Jasser.

 “Meanwhile, they are basically telling Muslims like myself who love America, who want to stand up for our country, ‘Oh, go sit at the back of the bus. You don’t deserve any recognition. We’re going to let the men with the long beards and the apologists basically speak for your community.’ It’s bigoted. It is them who are the bigots. We are being told we don’t love our faith, when in fact it’s the tough love of Muslims like myself that really, I believe, should be honored in a free society,” said Jasser.

Do you think liberals need to stop coddling to extreme Muslims? For more read here.


Source: conservative101.com

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