Hours After Beheads Trump in Bloody Shock Photo, Kathy Griffin Got The WORST News Of Her Life!

Liberal Kathy Griffin is a very dangerous person. The CNN guest-host posed for a photo where she holds the beheaded head of President Trump.

The image also brought a rebuke not only Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who said the picture was “disgusting but not surprising,” but also from the Secret Service. Without specifically mentioning the Griffin image, the official Twitter account of the agency tweeted they were “on it” in response to calls to investigate the comedian.

Kathy may be in violation of a huge crime, 18 U.S.C. § 879 – Threatening the President, which could put her in jail for 5 years! Could you imagine if a conservative did this to Obama? That’s the question Don Jr. is asking!


Kathy Griffin’s picture triumphantly holding up the “bloody” decapitated “head” of a Donald Trump dummy is receiving the attention of the Secret Service.


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Source: conservativefighters.com

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