JUST IN: Mitt Romney TOOK A STAND For Trump! Kathy Griffin Is FREAKING OUT!

The Left has been trying to bring down President Trump since before he even stepped foot in the White House. Kathy Griffin is showing the world that the left just got more radical.

According to Breitbart, “Comedian” Kathy Griffin did a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields recently. In one of the pictures, Kathy can be seen holding up a SEVERED DONALD TRUMP HEAD! Is she serious?! It makes matters more disturbing that the severed head is ALSO covered in blood!

We were appalled when this photo surfaced. Kathy has been pretty outspoken for her displeasure with Trump, but that is not surprising coming from a liberal. But to see her in this form? It chilled us to the core.

Violence from the Left is becoming increasingly common. During protests, liberals will burn property, spray people with pepper spray, and kick you while you are curled up on the ground in pain — they DO NOT CARE.

Even Griffin knows that these images can put her in prison.

Mitt Romney joined a chorus of voices condemning comedienne Kathy Griffin for posting a photo of her holding a fake severed head resembling that of President Trump.

“Our politics have become too base, too low, & too vulgar, but Kathy Griffin’s post descends into an even more repugnant & vile territory,” Romney tweeted.


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Source: conservativefighters.com

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