Kathy Griffin Accuses President Trump Of Sending Her Death Threats

It has been a long time since President Trump paid the slightest bit of attention to Kathy Griffin. However, according to her, the President is spending his time sending people after her and giving her death threats.

“I am truly excited and grateful to be able to go back on tour. As you guys know I am honest if nothing else. So, here’s the latest: Things have not gotten better for me,” started Griffin in a long series of tweets.

“In fact, I just found out I’m on a brand new “Kill List.” Constant death threats and threats of violence toward me in very specific ways. None of the social media platforms I need to make a living and sell my tour tickets will step in and help at all,” explained Griffin.

And who is leading this ‘kill list.’ President Trump of course. “So these people or robots or whatever feel more empowered. Trump, and his game criminals, and the right leaning alt-right media have not let up on me. You’re probably not aware of this because I’m assuming that if you are reading this you are not part of that group!” explained Griffin.

“It is literally a relentless campaign. Here’s some tea: Maybe fun for you to hear, but not fun for me to live,” tweeted Griffin.

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