Kathy Griffin Blames Tucker Carlson For Her Bad Relationship With Her Mom, Tucker’s Response Is Perfect

Kathy Griffin is quickly becoming one of the most hated women in America. After taking photos of her and a decapitated Trump head, she begged for forgiveness then attacked President Trump’s family for “bullying” her. During her press conference she started screaming “He broke me! He broke me! He broke me!” about President Trump. She also mad a strange comment about Tucker Carlson.

 “Fox News ain’t got nothing on me! My mother is not speaking to me because she’s in love with Tucker Carlson,” said Griffin during the conference. Carlson was asked for his reaction. “Wow. I have too many mixed feelings,” Carlson told The Mirror in an interview.

Tucker also ran a segment about Kathy Griffin’s bullying. “She’s the perfect embodiment of what the modern left believes. Griffin publicly fantasizes about violently murdering the president, yet she holds a press conference to announce she’s the one who’s been wronged,” explained Carlson.

 “Trump and his family bullied her she says, so have unnamed older white guys who have oppressed her despite giving her a series of very high paying jobs. In other words, she is the real victim here. Of course she is, liberals are always the victims,” said Carlson.

“The most remarkable thing about victimhood is that it allows the alleged victims to commit the very offenses they are complaining about. Victimhood has more benefits, it turns out, than AAA. And it’s free. It means never having to say you’re sorry. It also means being ‘right,’ even when you’re wrong,” explained Carlson. Check out the video below.


Source: rightwingedge.com

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