LIAR! Couric Being Sued For $12 MILLION Over This FAKE News Story! [VIDEO]

Whenever you turn your television on these days, there’s someone pushing left-wing propaganda.

Sadly, this includes every television network not named Fox News. This makes it incredibly difficult for the American people to know what’s actually going on since every story is spun to fit an agenda.

What’s both amusing and enraging about this is that there are a multitude of these clowns getting paid big bucks to read liberal talking points off a prompter as if that’s some kind of legitimate skill.

These fools get paid millions to be the “voices” and “faces” of network news, and we’re supposed to trust what they tell us.

But that’s simply impossible because they’ve done nothing but abuse that trust and their positions for decades.

One of the most prominent faces in the fake news industry is Katy Couric, who’s supposed to be someone the American public can trust.

Instead, she’s sold her soul to the Left and become another one of their shills, but unfortunately for her, it’s about to cost her dearly.

As reported at the American Lookout, Couric is being sued by the Virginia Citizens Defense League for her dishonest portrayal and editing of an interview she recorded with members of the organization.

The VCDL was being interviewed as part of an anti-gun documentary Couric was producing, so she could claim she showed “both sides” of the debate.

However, she just couldn’t allow the VCDL’s common sense positions on gun control to easily reach the public, so she did what the liberal media always does–selectively edit the tape.

The VCDL is suing Couric and the producers of the documentary “Under the Gun” for $12 million in defamation.

The suit filed in federal court Tuesday, and claims the producers of the film intentionally manipulated footage to make it look like members of the VCDL were stumped when asked about gun background checks.


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