Look What Just Happened At US/Mexico Border – Trump Was Right

When Donald Trump was running for president, he promised that he would build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. Liberals scoffed at this, saying that building a border wall is impossible to do since nobody could pay for it.

Now, however, these liberals are eating their words in a big way.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump’s border wall is slowly becoming a reality. Trump recently touched on this during an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro.

“You gonna build the wall?” Pirro asked.

“We’re gonna build the wall, absolutely. Is there a question about that?” Trump responded with a big grin on his face.

“Hundreds of companies initially submitted designs for the wall to the Department of Homeland Security,” Fox News reported. “That list is about to be narrowed down to a handful of finalists and each will build a prototype near the border here in Southern California. One company in the running is DarkPulse Technologies, which wants to combine a physical barrier with detection fibers both in and underneath the wall.”

Dennis O’Leary, CEO of DarkPulse Technologies, also commented on the border wall.

“There are definitely areas that are challenging, but I think the smart way is to go to sort of a layered deployment and part of that layer is going to have to be a technology,” O’Leary said.

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