Missing Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Beaches…With Nobody On Board (VIDEO)

The 12th and final cargo ship from the now-defunct CBDG Enterprises owned by the Clintons that supplied freight service for the Clinton Foundation has been located. It steamed into an exterior island chain near Bali and beached itself next to two abandoned ships that have been there for decades.

The ship, which typically runs with a crew of thirty, was completely empty. By completely empty, we mean completely empty. There was no crew, no cargo and no sign that anyone had ever been on board. Authorities have no idea how it got there or who set the coordinates before abandoning ship.

The US Navy has asked permission to recover or at least inspect the vessel but were told by local authorities that the beach is private and the islands sovereign. LLOD’s Skip Tetheluda spoke to Rear-Admiral George McGill who assured him that Donald Trump would blow the hell out of Indonesia to get the truth about Hillary and that we’ll figure out a way to recover it.

One expert said the reason they didn’t just scuttle the ship where the ocean is 6 miles deep is pure greed and arrogance:

“This is someone who doesn’t believe the law applies to them. To cleanse a ship to the point that it smells like bleach shows you know everyone knows and you just don’t care. Then, to leave it on a known scrapper’s beach? We have video that shows it landing. The ships on either side are torn up.

They didn’t scuttle 6 miles deep because to beach it clean on private property means an easy $3 million just in scrap value.”

The ship, known as “Hera,” was filmed by a local as it landed:

It certainly does seem like it was aimed at a pretty precise location. At any rate, attempts to contact the land owner have failed, as the registration is private and sovereign.

Are the Clintons now just laughing right in our faces?


Source:  thelastlineofdefense.org

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