MSNBC Asks Shooting Survivor If We Should Take Away Guns, His Stunning Answer Destroys Them

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi interviewed with Great Mills high school shooting survivor Vincent Giles. Velshi clearly expected Giles to be anti-gun. But when Velshi asked him about taking away guns, Giles defended guns and destroyed Velshi.

“Let me ask you, is it a gun culture problem? Is it a violence problem? If guns weren’t as readily available–because kids will still get angry, and upset and want to lash out. Is the idea too many guns or is it something else?” asked Velshi.

“I guess the idea is that some kids, I guess, they don’t speak up when they have problems inside. So, nobody really knows when they’re going to lash out. But, you can’t really take guns away,” said Velshi.

“I mean, you can take them away from the civilians, but ultimately, there are still going to be guns out there. There’s no real way to get them off the streets completely and get them out of the hands of people who don’t need them. And uh, you know, just nothing we can do about it really,” said Velshi.

Do you think he’s right? Liberals fail to understand how important guns are for protecting lives. Are you glad that the medias attempts to use gun survivors as political pawns is failing?

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