MSNBC’s ‘Christian’ Calls Trump Supporters “Pimps Of Evil” Who Must “Repent” By Voting Democrat

Democrats are trying really hard to blame Trump for separating children from their mothers. However, it was happening during the Obama administration and they didn’t care. MSNBC brought on Frank Schaeffer, a ‘former evangelical’ to insult Trump supporters and Christians.

“The Christians who still support Trump — who is now separating mothers from babies — are now condoning a form of child abuse,” he started. But it only gets worse. “I can’t think of anything that could be more Jesus-hating. This isn’t just Jesus-disobeying — this is Jesus-hating. Everything that the Gospel stands for is contradicted,” said Schaeffer.

“There are going to be repercussions for the Republican party that have gone along like pimps of evil with this President,” said Schaeffer. Yup. ‘Pimps of evil.’
“White evangelical voters have become the problem. We put this man in power, and it is up to white evangelicals to do what Franklin Graham did and step up, but do more than Franklin Graham did and say this is not only disgusting and unbiblical — it is evil,” said Schaeffer. I guess these rules don’t apply to black evangelicals?

“Part of it is, this is a reaction to eight years of a black man being in the White House. Part of this support for Trump is just straight-out reaction to that — racism,” said Schaeffer. “There’s always a search for the next enemy that’s going to help the white evangelical racist church, raise money, fire up their people, make them angry, and now make them vote Republican… Are you trying to follow Jesus? And if you are, you have to repent of what you’ve done.”

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