Newsweek Says Allegations Against Trump “Matter More” Than Bill Clinton’s Actual Scandals Did


Liberals love talking about every single allegation made against President Trump even though none of them have been proven or even shown to be credible. They argue that Trump is Hitler, if you honestly think someone is Hitler, you would be crazy not to try and hurt their reputation with a false accusation. Yet liberals treat all these accusations as fact.

According to Newsweek, a ‘poll’ shows that Americans care more about the accusations against Trump than about Bill Clinton’s actual scandals. “TRUMP’S PERSONAL SCANDALS MATTER MORE THAN BILL CLINTON’S DID TO AMERICANS, POLL SHOWS” says the headlines.

“38 percent of adults polled during the Trump administration said extramarital affairs should be relevant, and 59 percent said they should not be relevant, the poll, released Friday, shows. It was conducted by the research company SSRS from February 20-23,” writes Newsweek.

“By comparison, 26 percent said it should be relevant and 72 percent said it shouldn’t be in a poll conducted February 12-13, 1999, during Clinton’s tenure. His affair with Gennifer Flowers was revealed during the 1992 campaign,” they said.

“Meanwhile, the spotlight turned on Trump in January, when reports emerged that his lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly paid off porn star Stormy Daniels to cover up an alleged affair that took place while his wife Melania Trump was pregnant. Cohen admitted last month that he paid Daniels $130,000, using his own money,” they write.

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