“This Is Not A Game” Ann Coulter Crushes Media For Caring More About Islamophobia Than Dead Bodies

While Conservatives are mourning the loss of the 22 people who died in the Manchester bombing, liberals are trying to stop “Islamophobia”. Ann Coulter wrote an article condemning how the media has been treating this.

“The latest Muslim terrorist attack ripped apart little girls at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday, killing 22. The death and body-part count is still rising. This is not a game,” writes Coulter.

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 “When young British girls are the targets of a suicide bombing, can we take a short break from the posturing, political correctness and Russia conspiracy theorizing? Won’t the hatred of Trump keep for a few weeks?” she writes.
“Liberals’ main reaction to the attack was not to demand the toppling of the terrorist-friendly British government, but to worry about an upsurge in Islamophobia. They say there’s nothing we can do about terrorism and we probably shouldn’t do anything anyway, because we deserve it,” she wrote.
“Since Trump, politics has become a game to liberals. The media is a game. Hollywood is a game. Islamic terrorists are killing little girls in England. This isn’t a game,” write Coulter. Are you sick of all the media lies? Are you sick of the media insulting anyone who dares speak the truth about Islam? Check out Ann Coulter’s full article here.

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