US forces just ran into a BIG PROBLEM in the war on ISIS, here’s what Trump’s doing about it

American forces are increasingly leading the fight against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. But they have recently hit something of a brick wall, and are calling on President Trump to intervene. From the Daily Express: While the US is pushing for harsher sanctions against North Korea, President Trump warned a “major, major conflict” was possible as tensions mount. But

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Breaking: The Whole Mexico Wall Will Be Paid By One Person, It’s Incredible [Details]

Wealthy liberals, who rely on cheap illegal labor from Mexico to support their lavish lifestyles, have been doing everything they can to prevent President Donald Trump from carrying out his campaign promise of building the border wall with Mexico. These liberals have been working behind the scenes to manipulate “Never Trump” Republicans to work with them in blocking the wall,

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Laura Ingraham Destroys Traitor GOPs For What They’re Doing To Sabotage Trump, She Nailed It

Legendary radio host Laura Ingraham is a true conservative who has not caved to the media or political establishment’s deeply biased and flawed opinions when it comes to President Donald Trump’s vision for restoring our country. As someone who has access to highest level Washington decision-making, she has heard what some establishment Republicans have been trying to do to Trump,

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