Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Crushes His Classmates When They Try To Attack Him For Seeing Melania

While the media spends all their time and energy promoting the Parkland students who want to change the 2nd Amendment, they feel threatened by pro-gun Kyle Kashuv. Kashuv was a survivor at the Parkland high school who loves our 2nd Amendment.

He took a meeting with Melania Trump. After they met Melania posted the following tweet. “Wonderful to meet @KyleKashuv today. His message of unity is one we should all share. Thank you for visiting us at the @WhiteHouse & hope you enjoyed your surprise meeting with @potus! Wishing you much success w @TheReachOutApp.” she tweeted.

Other Parkland students immediately attacked the first lady for giving this young man a voice when the mainstream media wouldn’t. “It’s been interesting watching pro-Trump media, and now the Trump administration, promote the most vocally anti-gun control Parkland survivor just over the last few days,” tweeted Will Sommer. Kashuv had the perfect comeback.

“Will, that isn’t what happened at all. I REQUESTED the meeting with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. I ASKED WH to post. They didn’t want to use me to push any narrative. In fact, they let me do it at my own pace. FLOTUS was such a genuine person. I really hope she becomes my mentor,” tweeted Kashuv.

“Insulting @FLOTUS because you dislike her husband is immoral and an insult to what Mrs. Trump is doing with me. She is a Saint who 100% cares about this country and every American individually. If you knock her you’re now attacking me,” tweeted Kashuv.

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