Robert De Niro Bullies Sarah Sanders With Disgusting Attack

Comedian Michelle Wolf bullied Sarah Sanders for her appearance during the White House Correspondents Dinner. Now actor Robert De Niro is coming to Wolf’s defense and is bullying her too.

“There was a lot of truth in Michelle Wolf’s jokes and the bullies and the liars are still intimidated by the strength and the truth. Where we run into trouble is when we allow the bullies and liars to dictate the conversation,” said De Niro.

De Niro went on to attack WHCA President Margaret Talev, who said Wolf’s jokes were “not in the spirit” of the organization.
“Shame on them! Stand up and strap on your balls and deal. It was the only time that I ever had any sympathy or empathy for Sarah [Huckabee] Sanders. They cut to her and all of a sudden she looked like she was hurt. I said, ‘Geez, maybe she’s a real human being,’” said De Niro.

“I thought she’s got two or three kids. What is she going to tell her kids in 10 years about how she represented or protected Donald Trump? How is that going to come through? I don’t know. How could she justify, rationalize her behavior? What does it take to just walk away from that situation?” said De Niro.

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