Rubio Teaches CBS’ Dickerson A Lesson For Saying That Trump Shared Classified Information With Russia

The mainstream media is now trying to promote the fake news story that President Trump shared classified information with Russia. CBS’ John Dickerson interviewed Marco Rubio and asked about this. Rubio exposed him for his fake news.

“Let me ask you about this report that classified information was given. The president said he was giving information to the Russians in that meeting in order to help them, quote, ‘Greatly step up their fight against ISIS and terrorism.’ Do you think that’s a possibility? That by giving them information that the Russians will step up and help with ISIS?” asked Dickerson.

“People that were in that meeting, they denied that anything had been said in that meeting that could compromise sources, methods, or information with regards to intelligence. They said there were no transcripts. They said there were notes. I encouraged them to make those notes available to the committees. That has not happened. And, of course, apparently someone has discussed them, or leaked them, or what have you,” said Rubio.

 Rubio talked about it more later in the interview. “Well, two things. First of all, I don’t know what the Russians knew already, number one. Or at least I won’t discuss that,” he said.

“Number two, I’m not sure that’s what the president did, that he gave them that sort of information. Everybody that was in the room that I’ve spoken to denies that that’s what happened,” said Rubio.


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