Rush Limbaugh Reveals Who President Trump’s True Enemy Is, It’s Not Liberals Or The Media

The mainstream media and Democrats have been doing everything they can to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. However, according to Rush Limbaugh, these people are not President Trump’s true enemy. The true enemy is backstabbing Republicans.

“Now, stop and think here, folks. Back when the only element that we had was the House of Representatives and Republican voters were constantly saying, ‘Why aren’t you doing more to stop Obama? Why aren’t you trying to do something to stop Obamacare?’ The answer was always, ‘Well, all we’ve got is the House. W-w-we can’t get anything through the Senate because the Democrats own the Senate. Obama’s in the White House! He’ll veto anything if it did make it there,” started Limbaugh.

However, as Limbaugh points out, now that Republicans control almost everything, there shouldn’t be anything in the way of President Trump’s agenda. But there is.

 “And what did Republicans do with what they had been asking for all along? Why nothing, of course. I saw a Wall Street Journal story about how the Republicans in the House, they just can’t! It’s just impossible. They’re pulling their hair out. They don’t know what to do. They just can’t find a way to cut any taxes. Because every time they cut a tax over here, they have to find a way to make the money up over there, and they just can’t,” said Limbaugh.
It’s not the Democrats standing up and saying, “We are not gonna help. We’re gonna stand in the way of any foolish tax cut you propose.” It’s the Republicans standing up and saying, “I just don’t see how we’re — there’s no room here. I don’t know how we’re gonna lower rates when you have this exemption over here and you have this exemption there,” Limbaugh explained. Do you think he’s right?
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