Rush Reveals The Shocking Thing That Got Obama Elected, Holy Sh*t, Obama Is Furious

Liberals aren’t realistic about the unbelievable mess that former President Barack Hussein Obama left behind from his disastrous presidency. Now it has fallen on President Donald Trump’s shoulders to clean it up.

Obama left America a deeply divided nation, particularly racially. Obama, who always played the victim card, never missed an opportunity to lend his support to troublemakers like Black Lives Matter who deeply damaged the social mores of our country. Rush Limbaugh looked back at Obama’s presidency recently and revealed the thing that no liberals wants to admit as the reason Obama got elected.

Limbaugh rebuffed Joe Biden’s comment that Americans didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because of sexism. He said that what happened is “a tremendous number of Obama voters switched to Trump.” Then he explained, “You can’t ignore the fact that a lot of people, particularly in 2008, voted for Barack Obama because of the racial component and a desire to end the racial divide in America.”

He elaborated, “There were people who believed that if the United States elected an African-American president, that it would forever end all of these allegations and discussions America is a racist nation. And that’s the only reason a lot of people voted for Obama. Now, you can throw in disgust with Bush, disgust with the Republicans after the media’s four years of destruction of both Bush and the Republicans. But you cannot deny the racial component here. I think it’s the big reason why so many Obama voters didn’t vote for Hillary.”

 Added Rush, “They wouldn’t have voted for Obama, either, if he were white. I really believe it. I don’t know what the number is. I’m not saying it’s a majority of people. I’m saying it’s enough people who voted for Obama who didn’t vote for Hillary. This is what this latest analysis is pointing to as the real reason she lost.” Do you think Rush is right?


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