See How President Trump Just ‘Destroyed’ Caitlyn Jenner

Even though Caitlyn Jenner voted for President Trump, she is now saying that Trump “destroyed” her. “When he pulled back on the Title IX (guidelines), it kind of killed—It destroyed me,” said Jenner.

“This of all cases is when we need (the government) to step in. The bottom line is bullying in schools is going to be worse, and then there’s already bullying online where there’s no protection, no escape. When you take away protection in schools, to be honest with you, it is devastating to these kids,” said Jenner.

“These politicians say it is to protect their children in bathrooms. But young people will die. And they are transgender. Suicide rates will go up. What if that’s your kid? The federal government is basically saying, you don’t really exist. I was outspoken when Trump did that. And I should be,” said Jenner.

Despite these liberal transgender views. Caitlyn Jenner still claims to be a Republican. “For me, philosophically, I’m on the Republican side. I have conservative views. But I’m also trans. … I would much rather convince Republicans to do better with (LGBT) issues than to try to convince Democrats to lower taxes and have less regulations and less government,” said Jenner.

“I work hard, mostly behind the scenes, to change (Republicans’) views. When I sit down with Republican senators, they’ll tell me they’ve never met a trans person before and they’ll mention their faith. I explain how faith has played a big part in what I have done and am doing right now. Just sitting at the table with someone, that can change people’s minds,” said Jenner.



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