Trey Gowdy Found Beaten, Bloody And Unconscious

Somebody managed to take a United States Congressman from the private hallway of his office, through the secret exit of another office, navigate the tunnels under DC, evade a 5-mile perimeter and dragnet and drop him off unseen. The perpetrator was so good at his job that there isn’t one — not one — piece of viable evidence as to who he or she is.

Trey Gowdy, on the other hand, is safe and recovering in a medically induced coma. Dr. Clem Brookstein told LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda:

“Trey should be OK with time for his brain to drain a bit and the numerous bones to heal. He also has no fingernails. It appears in the short few hours he was missing that he was tortured.”

Now then…who could have possibly taken a Congressman, tortured him and left no trace? Who has the motive to want to question someone like Trey Gowdy? For now, all we can do is send thoughts and prayers that Mr. Gowdy will be OK.

The FBI and local Sherrif are still hunting for who could have done this but as of now, they’re looking for a ghost. A man who is probably responsible for killing dozens if not hundreds of people.



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