Trump Just Caught Top White House Adviser In Coup Attempt

In recent news, we have watched a slew of FAKE negative stories come out about President Trump. Every time a new story is released, it is promptly pointed out that there are ZERO facts to back it up. You need evidence to prove a claim. Period.

Got News recently reported that TWO National Security Council sources have come forward to admit what they know about the negative story leaks. All fingers point to the Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell. She has apparently been leaking these fake stories to her buddies at the biased mainstream media networks for months.

One of the staffers that came forward admitted that it is a hard act to balance when the president and the NSC advisor see the world in very different lights. Powell is allegedly being used to plant these stories where they need to go, which would make her a rat.

She is already known as “The Republican Huma Abedin,” and is a vocal member of Vital Voices, an organization founded and co-chaired by — you guessed it — HILLARY CLINTON! Vital Voices is known to be part of the Clinton pyramid scheme, so we are not terribly surprised by this news.

Powell is a tool that has been used on multiple occasions during her time in the political world. In 2005,  Liz Cheney referred to Powell as “an Arab woman who could serve as a role model to the Middle East.”

The Left has a serious obsession with everyone BUT the United States. We should totally worry about bringing positive role models to the Middle East when we have people HERE starving to death in the streets. It makes ZERO sense.

It should also be noted that Powell was caught leaking negative stories in the past. In the 1990s, she was caught leaking stories to Ginny Thomas. The result? She was all but booted from her former party and sent to stay with the Republican National Committee.

CLEARLY, this shows that if she could have her way, she would still be with the Democrats. She seems to have no problem throwing people under the bus, so what would make Trump any different?

The Left appears to be great at digging holes for themselves. Sooner or later, the evidence is going to shine through, and Powell will be punished. She may be wearing a Republican mask, but make no mistake, she has the interests of the Left at heart. We do not need people like this behind the scenes messing with an already sensitive situation. The media is already looking for reasons to hammer Trump, and she is adding fake fuel to the fire.

Hopefully, President Trump will realize that she is trying to play him and cut her out the way he has done to everyone else trying to oppose him for political reasons. They are not opposing him because they think he is WRONG, they are doing it because it is the trendy thing to do.

Fret not; we WILL get to the bottom of this. The rats inside our government are slowly being exposed one at a time.

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