TRUMP WINS BIG: Democrats Just Admitted Something Huge That Will Have Trump Running Around Like Crazy!

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California, had to admit today that there is NO evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Which we, of course, know. Which President Trump keeps trying to tell them…

The Senator appeared on CNN’s Situation Room, and really tried to dance around the issue.  But, bottom line, after all her many words, was that…


In her interview, Senator Feinstein admits that she’s had a lot of access to very sensitive information, and still NOTHING!

She admits that the only thing out there is rumors and  newspaper stories and then she says “but that’s not necessarily evidence.” NOT NECESSARILY??!!

Come on, Dianne!  Rumors and newspaper stories are, plainly, NOT evidence.  I’m pretty sure I learned that in law school.  I’m actually pretty sure I didn’t even need to go to law school to know that rumors and newspaper stories are NOT EVIDENCE!

So, basically, we, the tax payers, are paying for a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump based on nothing!  I, personally, am disgusted and want my money back!

If you want your money back, too, PLEASE share this article everywhere!  We need to put floodlights on all the lies the media is spreading once and for all!


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