Trump’s 2016 Tax Returns Leaked And It’s Bad News For Hillary Lovers

Hillary Clinton and a broad base of liberal Democrats put forth the proposition that Donald Trump is a crook because he hadn’t released his tax returns. They say things like “Russia” and “corruption.”

What they didn’t say were things like “privacy” and “trade secret.” People can’t just have the financial information of Donald Trump because his company isn’t public. Nobody would consider the kind of harm it would do for Trump’s competitors to be able to see exactly who he did business with and for how much.

Luckily, the leaked document wasn’t a comprehensive schedule of payees, it was just the front page to his 2016 tax returns, which tell a very straightforward story:

“President Trump earned more than $400 million in 2016 and paid more than $110 million in taxes. His tax rate is higher than anyone in Congress and nearly double that of Hillary Clinton, who accused the President of cheating, paying too little and ‘abusing the system.’ Clinton and the Democrat party owe Donald Trump an apology.”

The Clintons didn’t respond because they’re irrelevant now but the Democrat party said:

“One year of manipulated returns knowing for nearly two months you’d be in the White House isn’t releasing or leaking anything. It’s pure propaganda. It’s to make your own foolish sheep happy. They get to say Bahahahahahahaaaaaaa look: he payses hims taxes!”

Some considered the statement to be slightly condescending. No matter. Trump wins because Trump always wins because winning is all Trump knows how to do.

The returns have been taken for authentication and will be released as soon as they have it.



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