Trump’s Crackdown On Illegal Immigration Just Took A MAJOR Step Forward

Before he took office, Donald Trump promised that he would crack down on illegal immigration like no president has before. Now, just four months into his presidency, this move is already paying off in a big way.

Allen B. West reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials just announced that their latest anti-gang operation resulted in 1,378 individuals across the country being arrested, with 1,095 belonging to, or being affiliated with the Bloods, Crips, Sureños, and MS-13. The trans-national Salvadorian MS-13 gang has been particularly deadly this year and has been linked to the deaths of at least 11 young people on Long Island, New York.

In El Salvador, which has been dubbed the murder capital of the world, MS-13 and their main rival, the 18th Street Gang, are the two main gangs responsible for violence. Now, top Salvadoran officials are worried about deportations of their compatriots from the U.S., as they think the returnees will cause crime.

“We know that if there are massive deportations from the U.S., it will increase violence in the country,” said El Salvador’s Minister of Defense David Munguia Payes

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