WATCH: Fox News Asks Trump Voters How They’re Feeling, Man Stares Straight Into Camera And Says…

A Michigan man offers a powerful message for President Trump and all of his supporters who are giving up hope.

“Mr. Trump we’re supporting you, we voted for you, we’re still here,” exclaims a Michigan Trump supporter, “Remember, the people that elected you are still strongly behind you. We have your back. Move forward and do the things you promised to do,”.

President Trump has had an extremely successful start to his presidency, but you wouldn’t believe that by watching the mainstream news. Those liars paint a totally different picture. Go figure.

Insiders in the media and Washington are working around the clock to undermine President Trump, but we cannot let their ceaseless drivel distract us from making America great again.

The media colluded with the Democrat party in the lead up to the election and attempted to portray President Trump as unfit to govern. They spent hours everyday attack the then-candidate, hoping he would not be elected.

We did not let their baseless attacks get to us during the election, and we cannot let them get to us now. The establishment is terrified that President Trump is going to drain the swamp.

The Washington insiders, traitorous leakers, and the mainstream media are trying to turn us against our president, but we cannot let them win. We have to make sure we’re heard loud and clear.

We elected President Trump for a reason. After years of corruption and back-door wheeling-and-dealing, we knew that only a man of the people could clean this mess up. Government has grown bloated, inefficient, and impossible to manage.

President Trump offered a solution. He truly listened to the desires of the American people, and drafted a plan. He promised to clean the halls of Washington D.C., to defend our borders, and to reassert American influence on the world stage.

We are all still committed to these goals. Fake scandals like Russian collusion cannot distract us, and faux-outrage over the ousting of James Comey will not convince us to ignore the swamp. President Trump is making all of the right moves while garnering zero respect.

We are waging a war to take our country back and we cannot expect the traitors to play fair. We need to let President Trump know that we still support him, and will work with him to make America great again!

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